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BR 99 (VI K)

Paint job Merker + Fischer 99 651 (Sächsische VI K)


In 2022 I visited a friend in Germany. He gave me a box full of goodies (which later proved to contain two VI K's and a BR 98.72 a a whole lot of various bits and bobs) with the phrase "I will never get round to building them". He also gave me a model of a IV K. He had not built it but it was given to him as a completed model. It wasn't particularly well built, yet my friend asked me if I would be willing to paint it. Of course I agreed. One good turn deserves another.

Short history

This 0-10-0 type was built between 1918 and 1927, the class eventually numbered 62 members. The first batch of these 750 mm narrow gauge engines was originally designed for deployment in the war effort but the end of WWI made them superfluous even before they came to work. They were diverted to the Saxon narrow network and with good result as the Deutsche Reichsbahn kept re-ordering more in several batches. They led a useful but not overly conspicuous life on their network. The last one was taken out of service in 1975. Four of them have been preserved (nos 651, 713, 715, 716)

The model


My friend's model was built from a Merker + Fischer kit by an unkwon builder. It was based on a Minitrix chassis. It was shrouded in a primer of unknown origin. I cleaned that off as much a possible in cellulose thinner.

The model was not built to my friend's high standards.

The smokebox door was glued in at a very curious angle. I managed to dissolve the superglue and put it back in level. A few other correction were made is well to make the superstructure sit straight on the drive mechanism.

The rear buffer on the left hand side had cracked due to a bump of sorts. I repaired it with JB Weld and put new rivets on.

The body got a fresh coat of primer.

And a green coat.
My friend has explicitly requested to paint the loco in black and green, although in reality it never had this livery.

Next the black was sprayed on.

On my request my friend provided me with transfers

Red was painted on with a brush.

Completed loco (24-1-2023)

My friend was happy with the result. Personally I was satisfied with the paint job. The build quality of the model may have been lacking (with which my frend agreed, yet he accepted the loco "as is"). s I did a few small things to improve matters, like filling the gaps under the roof. But I did not want to go overboard and start a whole rebuild where a paint job was requested. In the end I put the loco in the box to Germany with mixed feelings.