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NS class 5000

Introduction - WD Austerity 2-10-0 NS Class 5000

I bought this DJH kit via in May 2012 for €200. Being very busy at the time I stored the loco for time to come. It would sit on the shelf for six years, but you know what, there is nothing so comforting as a good stock of nice kits to choose from for a next project. And this is kit is becoming rare so when the occasion arises you have to move quickly.

The kit in the familair box

Me cuddling against the only surviving NS 5000, Utrecht Railway Museum, 15 March 2019

Freshly outshopped in Tilburg in exactly the version I wanted to build (compare with the photo below), date unknown.
© Unknown, if anyone wants to claim rights on this photo please contact me

Status of the project

3 March 2019

Project completed

9 February 2019

Painting and lining is done, some patching up is needed before a clear coat concludes the painting process.

27 January 2019

Painting is well underway. The main colours have been done, lining has started.

5 January 2019

Construction has been completed. What remains is painting and unpainted details to be added

29 December 2018

Coming along nicely, detailing of tender and running board completed. Detailing of the boiler has started

10 December 2018

Motion gear completed

15 November 2018

Tender ready, Frame ready and painted, gearbox ready, boiler fits. Next is to assemble the motion gear and wheels

7 July 2018

First test bench run

4 July 2018

A free running chassis

27 June 2018

A first trial assembly of the High Level Kits gearbox, isn't it a beauty to behold!

23 June 2018

Yesterday the High Level Kits gearbox arrived so I can continue work on the locomotive proper

16 June 2018

Tender completed. Awaiting the arrival of the gearbox from High Level Kits.

12 May 2018

Frame assembly jig has been acquired and constructed

2 April 2018

The project is in the start-up phase. Parts are being collected