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An introduction to my model projects

When I was a youngster I picked up model railroading. Before long I was fiddling with the few models I could afford. After re-entering the hobby in my late forties I decided I would persue the dream of my youth: building my own models. I suppose everybody who is serious about his hobby has dreams and ambitions. One rarely reads about this though. But why? Dreams and ambitions are not something to be ashamed about. Moreover, talking about your dreams helps to fulfil them, phrasing your ambition helps you to realise it. Research has shown that when people bring their dreams to words they are more likely to really make them happen. Once outspoken they are more committed to their dreams. That is why I write these pages. My ultimate dream in modelrailroading My dream started in September 1974 when a Dutch modeling magazine published an article about the LTM, mentioning the only ever Dutch Garratt locomotive, the LTM 51. Until then I hadn't heard of articulation whatsoever. But after having read this article my interest for articulated steam locomotives was born and I knew I wanted to model that loco. I had already been fiddling with brass and soldering. At the time I did some calculations but not much more came out of it. Yet the idea did not vanish. Then the interest in modeling dissipated. I started my working life, married, became a father, etc. etc. I kept reading about articulated locomotives though, my interest only slumbered. When I picked up modeling again in 2002 I phrased my ultimate dream:

The LTM 51 in pristine condition probably a Henschel factory photo, © unknown, if I violate some ones rights, please contact me.

Since then I've been working to realize that dream. It may not seem so to the occassional onlooker, but there is a structure behind all my activities.

1. Get your knowledge of model railroading up to date

2. Extend your knowledge of steam and articulated steam in particular

3. Obtain the skills to build your dream

4. Obtain the tools to build your dream

The first two goals are realized by reading. This includes buying books, browsing the internet, taking part in interest groups. The third and fourth goal are realized by doing. It was a gradual process. I'm not the type of man that simply buys a lathe a starts scratch building right away. I'm more the type a few small steps at a time. And in the meantime I was just be enjoying myself, building other models is also fun. By now

A single shot of a few of the locomotives I completed to date to entice you to visit and explore the individual projects


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