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My fastest project ever

On March 19, 2009 I received a small package from my e-friend Gerry. Apart from the stuff we had written about, it contained a surprise: a little kit of a handcar.
I couldn't resist the call of the cute little gem and immediately put it together

The kit was a little, let's say, rough cut.

This is how the wheels looked after an appropriate treatment with dremel, file and sand paper

And the ensemble

Ready for painting

After one pass through the spray booth

As a detail I added the vertical bar that transfers the "power" from the handle bar through the floor (0,5 mm brass wire)

After the second pass through the spray booth.

I used matt black with a few drops op white. The Preiser man indicates the tinyness of the model.

And the final weathered result.

The deck was painted dark gray and than patches of rust brown were added. Rusty dots indicate the location of rivets with which the planks are attached to the frame. The spokes of the wheels got some yellow to suggest the original color. Everything was dull coated, but to my taste the coat is too glossy.