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MDC 3tr Shay


In the opening months of 2006 I built a 3-truck Model Die Casting RoundhouseShay. On these pages you will find information and photos of that process. If you ever consider building the MDC Shay: brace your self. It's a beast to build, but you'll learn a lot.

It's a struggle. I used Jeff Johnstons book "The MDC Shay Handbook" as a guide to help me through the process. My advise: don't consider building the MDC Shay without the book. These pages are not a complete rewrite of Johnstons book but merely an addition to it. It wil show you the difficulties I have encountered and the fun I had. It will also give you some insights in my views and solutions and the (simple) tools I used.

Model railroading is fun and thankfully there are many builders everywhere. I've learned much of the skills I apply to this model by reading books and on the internet. One site has been particularly interesting and the owner of it very supportive. So I recommend that you visit Hans Hobbyhoek if you want to pick up inspiration and knowledge on building models (also for English readers)

For those who cannot wait to read the whole story, here is a quick preview of my Shay

This site will not contain prototype information. There is enough of it in all sorts of books and on the internet. So please take a look at

For the tooling I used to build the MDC Roundhouse Shay I refer to my tools section

regards, Garrattfan