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Keystone Shay

Keystone 2-cyl Shay

November 9, 2008

Via eBay (Ormsbys Hobbies and Collectibles; good seller) I obtained this nice kit of a baby Shay, depicting a 2-cylinder straight boiler Shay of appr 26 ton or so. It cost me no more than €40 so I thought I'd better buy it and put it away. The kit is not motorized and doing so is certainly not easy. The NWSL motorizing kit also adds another €55 to the prize (the motorizing kit costst more than the loco itseflf!!). So I'll decide later what to do with: build the kit and put it "on display", or mororize it when I happen to stumble an offer I can't refuse. The challenge of motorisation is certainly calling....

In the mean time you'll have to satisfy yourself with the handful of goodies that are in the kit. I forgot to take a photo of the footplate. Sorry.