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NBDS 118-119


Disassembly and prepping

First step in the painting process is taking the locomotive apart and storing the parts that need no paint

The only part that I already painted to avoid disassembly is the tender frame (yellow rectangle), so that will also be stored. All other parts need attention.

In bath

Degreasing follows the following steps

  • Soak for an hour in a lukewarm solution of powder soap from dishwasher with glossy additives. It will attack any greasy substances.
  • Stir the the solution regularly.
  • Scrub with a toothbrush to loosen greasy muck.
  • Rinse with tap water
  • Soak in water plus acetic acid (household strength), again one hour
  • Scrub
  • Rinse with tap water
  • Rinse with demineralised water to remove any residues from the tap water.
  • Blow dry with the airbrush, aim for the nooks and crannies where water tends to resist evaporation.


Oh and when draining the fluids pay close attention to the small parts trying to find their freedom. I saw one of the lifting links make its way into sink. Luckily I have a second locomotive to plunder (yes, yes, yes I will order the part as a spare).

Base coat

Base coat done, I use a DYI spray filler (Alabastine Spuitplamuur), very very very thin.

Main components in blue