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NBDS 118-119


With the locomotive and tender completed in their main structure it is now time to start detailing.


The lifting eyes for the cab roof are incredibly tiny
They were drilled out with a 0.4 mm drill and then threaded on a piece of wire to prevent them from escapring while sanding the etch cusps from the top sides.
Measuring out the desired locations
And glued into place
The airpump and the piping on the right side were made
Having acquired a lathe recently I was now for the first time able to turn the flanges down to the RP25 norm. After that I blackened them, resulting in a fare better appearance of the drive train.
Left side piping added. The square end piece was not included in the kit so I made it myself.
Handrailsof the cab
Front frames glued in place
as well as the smokebox handrail.
The grip below the bufferwas first bent from 0.33 mm brass in a U-shape and glued in place
And after setting of the epoxy bent down in an approximation of a correct angle.
While at it I also did the tender grips.
Next the manual tells you to retrieve the plastic lifting arms from the donor BR57 and fit them on the running board. I struggled for some time to comprehend how they were supposed to fit...... until it dawned on me that the anual forgot to mention that the lifting arms were to be reversed. Once that was clear I opened up the tiny slot so the plastic pin of the parts would fit.

The reach rod is etched down to 0.3 mm. To thin to be practicle