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NBDS 118-119

The manual

The kit came an impressive 47 A4 pages manual, supplemented with another six page livery instruction. That distincts this kit as the one with the most elaborate manual so far. A far cry from the four A3 pages exploded views and no text "manual" of the DJH kit of the NS 5000 (ex-WD 2-8-0) I was building around the time I acquired the NBDS kit.

For foreign builders unfortunate, the entire manual is in Dutch. That is logical thing as very few foreign builders might want to acquire and build this kit. If any one might wish to do so I would be happy to assist with translation into English or German.


Chapter Page
Introduction 1
History of the class 1
Description of the liveries in text 2
Visible construction changes of the class
(helpful when building the loco for a certain time frame)
Building tips 7
Tools 9
Building of the locomotive proper 10
Building the three axled tender 19
Detailing and completion of the model 25
Finishing the model: painting, lining and coating 31
Parts list of the kit 36
Extra parts for the replacement motor 36
Description of the etches 37
Building the four axled tender 38
Parts list of additional parts for the four axled tender 45
Extra parts for the replacement motor 45
Colour photo of the completed loco 46
Supplement: illustrations of the lining of the versions being NBDS, NS in general and NS after 1924 add