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LTM 51

Introduction - LTM 51

2 August 2019

Today is a very special day: I collected a kit of LTM 51! With this part of my dream to build a model of this loco has come a major step closer.

I always loved LTM 51. In fact in September 1974, so almost exactly 45 years ago an article appeared in De Modelbouwer which sparked my life long interest in articulated steam locomotives in general and my love for Garratts in particular.


It is a truly unique engine. The only ever Dutch Garratt , the only ever Garratt in the world to have inside cylinders only, and built to Dutch standards and practises for tramway locomotives.

Probably a factory photo of Henschel in Kassel

I have always wanted to build a model of it. I published this intent on my website. I expected to have to build everything from scratch and over the years I have accumulated just about everything of what little documentation exists.

I was also aware that Harrie Kaffa produced etches in the 1980s to build RTR models. An unknown number of etches came on the market as an "etch only" scratch building aid. I never succeeded to locate any of them, let alone persuade the owner to sell it. Finding it is a needle in a haystack.

This week I was spontaneously approached by a fellow builder who had read my intent to build a model on my website and offered me one of the two sets he owned. It changed hands for €170. Now one proudly resides on my desk. A very rare find indeed and I am much indebted to my fellow builder and incredibly happy with the sheer stroke of luck involved.

A photo of a RTR model

Status of the project

2 August 2019

The kit has temporarily been stored. I intend to start working on it as soon as I have completed my current projects

I admit that might take some time, but it is essential to finish these first as otherwise I will never finish anything. Finished projects give me peace of mind and help me to concentrate on the project at hand.