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NS class 7000

Introduction - class NS 7000

From a few simple project pages to a beginner's guide to kit building

March 2021

When I started the DJH NS 7000 kit, back in 2004, I did not have in mind to publish about its progress. Consequently there are no photos from the early stages of the building process. About halfway into the project I obtained my first digital camera and I started making photos. A fellow modeller invited me to write a few pages in the "work from fellow builders" section of his website. That in turn sparked my interest for building a website of my own. A few year ago my fellow modeller's website vanished from the web which left me with a very incomplete story of the build. What little I had also did not match the standards I had developed for my website in terms of layout, depth of content, subheading etc.. As the NS 7000 is a beginner's model I was particularly unhappy about that state of affairs.

Early in 2021 I stumbled over my old photos of the NS 7000 project. I decided it was time to revamp the NS 7000's project pages. While doing so I felt more and more the urge to describe the beginner's lessons I had learned since building this model. So I have included many of those lessons and effectively turned these pages into a beginner's guide to kit building. It ends with a page with further recommended resources


Happy reading!


Note: If you insist you can still visit the old version of the NS 7005 project site.


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The project

When I reentered the modelling hobby in my forties I started to realise my dream from my youth: building my own locomotive models and more specifically: building a model of the LTM 51 Garratt. I got a DJH NS 7000 kit from my wife for my birthday in 2004 as a starter kit.

A builder's photo: Hohenzollern 1902.

Status of the project

12 July 2008

Project has been completed