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Two truck, two cylinder T-boiler Shay

The prototype

Driving normal fixed frame locomotives on logging railways was virtually impossible. The irregular underground made the wheels come off the track and derailed the locomotive. The three most numerous solutions to this problem were the Shay (2771 built), the Climax (appr. 1100 built) and the Heisler (appr. 850 built).
The Shays landmark is its powerful fast running three cylinder steam engine on the right side. Early examples though were fitted with two cylinders and with a straight boiler.

More information: Geared steam and a dedicated Shay site

The model

I simply could not resist her, when Micro-Mark offered her on a rediculous of og $89,95 that is € 70. Ok Shipping cost ($14.95 and customs clearance € 26 added to that, but still it was a bargain!! It is my first On30 model for the simple reason there is no HO model available, but I feel my blood itching when I see this scale.
The model is produced by Bachmann in 2010.