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Rhätische Bahn Ge 6/6

The protoype

Ffiteen examples of this heavy electric locomotive class were built in 1921-1929. Had the previously delivered Ge24 and Ge 46 peacefully coexisted with the available steam traction due to the shoratge in haulage power, the influx of the Ge 6/6 class effectively ended the steam era at the Rhaetian Railway. Ample tractive power was now available making new orders unnecessary until after the second world war.

Most Ge 6/6 where withdrawn in the seventies

Ge 6/6 412 was scrapped as late as 2008!! Shame on you RhB!!


Landquart 1975

Landquart 1976

Landquart 1976

Nos 413 and 414 survive in operational condition. Chur 2011

The model