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RET (Rotterdam Electric Tram) no 520

The prototype: the RET class 401-570

The class was built in three batches 401-450 (1929), 451-470 (1929) 471-570 (1931). A batch of unmotorised cars, 1001-1020, also entered service in 1931. The batches differed in details. An extensive description can be read on (polish up your Dutch or use Google Translate)

No 520 is preserved and seen here running in the Open Air Museum in Arnhem
By Voogd075 on the Nederlandstalige Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

The reason I fancy this tram and subsequently bought the model below was because I used to travel on it in the years between 1964 and 1970 when I was the elementary school on the Putselaan where line 2 passed.

The stop at 'Graansilo' where I used to get on and off the tram at the Putselaan, 6-6-1958, (foto: E.H. Bouwman). Photo used with kind permission of Rotterdam Public Transport Museum (I have not been able to trace the original owner of the photo. Might he find his rights violated he is kindly requested to contact me, see conctact details in the footer of this page).

In my early years at school they were the mainstay of the line but the appearance of the new Düwag trams increased the rate of withdrawal and scrapping. During my last years at school they could only be seen during rush hours. From 1968 onwards they were a rare sight. A quick count on WikiPedia told me that 16 motorcars are still extant (408, 491, 504, 507, 509, 515, 520, 522, 523, 535, 536, 537, 542, 545, 556 and 565)

The model

I was looking for a model of a Tatra T3 after a holiday in Prague when I stumbled over the Atlas model series. Much to my surprise it also comprised a model of a Rotterdam tram class 401-570. The model is a pretty simple unmotorised 1:87 depiction of motorcar 520 by Atlas. I bought it at Heyang Model on eBay. At a price of just €14,50 it is a no-brainer to buy it. Delivery took about a month, but hey, who says it needed to be quick for that price?


The model is well packed.

The nice thing is that it is depicted on the line on which I saw and travelled on it in my younger years. Charlois, a district in the south of Rotterdam, is synonymous for "home" to me.

Doors are well modelled, although the side handrails may need a little looking away. The car number is crisp.

There is a reasonable depiction of the interior

The RET's logo is good

A broadside view.

The makers of this model have made one real glitch and that is the advertisement. For one it is highly unlikely this tram ever had an English advertisement and second Rotterdam isn't beautiful, it is a working city :-).