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Furka Oberalp Bahn Te2/2 no 4926

The prototype

The small electric shunter Te 2/2 was built by SLM (Swiss Locomotive and Machine Factory) in 1946, specifically for shunting in Brig station. It was one of a larger batch ordered jointly by the Rhätische Bahn (nos 71-73) and the SBB Brünigbahn. The engines produced 230 kW power and a top speed of 30 km/h. Its starting tractive effort was 2900 kg, pretty impressive for the only 13 tons heavy engine.

My parents having a look at "that nice little loco", summer 1974.

The model

I was aware of the existence of a BEMO model of the Te 2/2 but I only started giving it attention when I scanned my 1974 negative films and rediscovered the photo above. I was fifteen that summer back in 1974 and I was just taking my first train photographs with my father's camera. After finding this photo again the idea came up to buy the model and make a small diorama with a man, a woman and their dog looking at the loco....

It took me a while to find a model at a suitable price but when I saw one for just €60 on a trade show in November 2013 the matter was quickly settled. In the mean time I also managed to find the two subsequent Volkswagens my father owned in those years. Now build the diorama....

The model from approximately the same angle as the photo