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NS 3900 (rebuild)

NS 3900

The 3900 class was one of the two last steam locomotive classes the Dutch railways ordered.

No 3927 brand new at the Werkspoor site, 1930. Source: Het Utrechts Archief no 164231, Public Domain

I stumbled upon a built example of the DJH kit on a trade show in Houten in December 2023. Asking price was €105. After some haggling I got it for €80.

My goal is to bring orphaned and destitute model back to life and splendour.

Status of the project

12 February 2024

The loco has been disassembled. All parts have been cleaned and neatly stored. Missing and additional parts have collected. Motor and gearbox are on order.

Costs of the project to date

I have a knack for statistics and I want to keep trackof all sorts of things, including the costs of a project.