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K1 Tasmanian Garratt


The kit essentially consists of three parts

  • The body kit, from Golden Arrow Kits
  • The chassis kit, also from Golden Arrow Kits
  • Wheels, gear boxes and motors, which I will have to source myself

Originally the body kit was designed to be mounted on two Ibertren Cuckoo chassis, but this has too many problems:

  • the valve gear is absent,
  • the crosshead is wrong
  • it does not have an outside frame
  • the Cuckoo's are out of production and hardly available
  • the wheels are too small
The first two parts look like this. I will add the third part once I have found a suitable set.

Body kit

It came in a good box. I already removed the bubble wrap. The paperwork is detailed in the Manual section

The white metal parts are of good quality, Little flash and the halves of the mold were aligned very well. Of course there is some cleaning up to do, but nothing major.

The trailing power unit

The boiler and cradle unit.

The leading power unit.

The chassis kit

Although measuring just 7x9 cm this kit has a lot of small parts. The etching is again of good quality and being done in nickel silver is an absolute bonus. On the left is a bag containing pick-up wire, circuit board for the wire and pins for alignment during soldering (I guess).