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K1 Tasmanian Garratt



As a Garratt fan one of my ambitions is to built Garratts as much I can afford time and moneywise. I was aware of the existence of a Golden Arrow Kits white metal body kit of the K1, but I much preferred the Backwoods Miniatures etched version. I didn't buy it yet and when Backwoods went out of business in 2016 I realised I had procrastinated too long. I had the body kit of Monarch lying about, also from Golden Arrow Kits but the main problem was that I did not have a decent valve gear to build it. So time passed as many other things were pressing and enjoyable as well.

Then in January 2024 an eBay offer came up for an etched frame and valve gear set suitable for both the Monarch as well as for the K1. I bought two etch sets and the body kit of the K1, so I now had two complete kits. Well, that is to say, except for the wheels, motor and gearbox to source (sigh). But who says I should hurry


The kit is stored for now as I am working on other projects.

Costs of the project so far

A hobby costs, so who cares.Well, I do. These pages are also for my own convenience, my external memory so to speak. So I keep track of the costs.