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SHM 26

Detailing - Adding a firebox

After having spent some time on the detail parts I set out to solve an issue that the supplier has left me with: the locomotive does not have a firebox. Well, is that an issue than? Isn't it concealed behind the water tanks below the footplate and the bunkers above the footplate? Almost, but not entirely.

The construction on the right hand side of the locomotive is not a coal bunker and neither a water tank. It is an open construction, where the driver can get access to the footplate via a door in the cab and and a low door in the "bunker". As it is open you're able to view directly to the right hand side of the firebox.
The firebox is conspicuously absent on the model
I started with a piece of 0.3 mm brass sheet. I drew the boiler's backside diameter on it and sawed and filed it ot match the boiler.

I bent it over at 90 degrees

and cut it to match the length of the part of the firebox that protrudes outside the cab.

The top was chamfered on the inside to get a close fit

Soldered in place