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SHM 26

Detailing - Drilling holes

Before continuing with various parts it is all important to drill all necessary holes while they're still accessible.

I had great advantage of the photos I took in 2012.





Here's the complete list of holes to drill




Location; purpose


Diam. (mm)


Front of cab;


2 0.5  

Rear of cab;

knobs for 2 horizontal handrails

4 0.8  

Smokebox support;

mounting sandboxes

2 1.1  
Footplate below smokebox support; mounting sandboxes 1 0.5

Left hole already present

Footplate, right;

Lid of the water tank

1 1.0

The hole for the left lid is already present and should be enlarged to 1.0 mm

Boiler; hand rail knobs 4 0.8  
Boiler right, near smokebox support; snifter valve 1 0.5  

Holes in both domes;

respective controls

3 0.8

Holes present need to be widened

Boiler; washing plugs 3  

2 right, 1 left

Backside of the steam dome;


1 0.5 Drill this hole before soldering the domes to the boiler! I forgot

From here on we can work on the rest of the detailing process