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SHM 26


When I came home I could hardly wait to open the box and study all its contents, although I had inspected the box for completeness on the trade show.


The kit comes in a relatively small box, 18 x 11½ x 5½ cm, but who needs a bigger box for a locomotive that in the end will be no longer than 77 mm!
On opening the box the building manual comes out and believe it or not, it is no bigger than the loco itself.
One exploded view and one 3D CAD drawing probably showing how to fit the Tenshodo drive and the various fittings.

The Tenshodo drive is a complete self-containing unit, complete with motor, gears, and current wipers.

I gave it a trial run. Very disappointing, I must say. First it would not move. After some encouragement and some running in, it ran. Like lightning! My model is going to set a world record for midgets!!


So I may have my first challenge here: building a suitable drive for my midget

The skirts under the footplate. In reality they served two purposes: the low drawn skirt kept extremities of the general public away from the meat mincer, and they were also watertanks, giving a low center of gravity.
The cab sides, pre-bent by Philotrain
The roof, also pre-bent
The boiler, turned form solid brass
Coal bunker hatch, number and name plates
The well etched number and name plates in more detail
Well errrm wire

Handwheel, bell, whistles, various hatches, screws and handrail knobs


A. Buffers

B. Sand boxes

C. Dome

D. Smoke stack

E. Bolts and nuts to join superstructure and drive

F. Brake shoes (only four?)

G. Air tank (not needed on the SHM version)


H. ??

I. Safety dome

J. Electricity generator

K. Air hoses

L. Air pump

M. Smoke box door

N. Lamps

Good etch work although the discolouring shows the age of the kit
Two detail views detail of the air pump
Even the valve of the air hose is there
A detail shot of the brake shoes. Well done casting!!