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NS class 9500


In 2010-2015 I built an NS 6200 from a Roco BR 93 with a Philotrain conversion kit. Actually I only bought the etched sheets and later sought the additional lost wax brass parts together.

I was long aware that a similar conversion kit for the NS 9500 had been produced in 1989-1996 in three batches totalling 165 sets. Contrary to the 6200 this was a complete set with all lost wax brass parts. I had long spotted one at a trader on the Houten trade shows. In August 2018 I bit the bullet and bought both the kit (€215) and the Roco BR 94 that was required as a chassis (€65).

NS 9505 shunting in the yard in Susteren , 11-04-1949. Photo W.P.F.M. van Schaik, Het Utrechts Archief

Status of the project

August 2018

Unstarted and stored until I have time to build it