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First experiment

Since the crankshaft is a very critical part of a Shay this was the first object to be scrutinized for conversion. Follow my story.

Important feature is that my pre-1900 Shay will have only two cylinders. I have a three cylinder kit. To convert it to a two cylinder version, I have to make a new crank-shaft with only two cranks in 90 degrees juxtaposition while the three cranks of the three-cylinder version are at 120 degrees. Making a new crankshaft would be one of the most critical jobs in the whole project. The difference between succes or failure. I had an idea and a spare crankshaft so why not give it a try?


S1050387 S1050389 S1050390 S1050391-393
S1050394b S1050379 Klein S1050395b S1050403b
S1050404-405 S1050947b S1050950b S1050951

The first hurdle has been taken. Thank you Gerry, member of the MDC Roundhouse group, for your encouragement!