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Received upgrade parts

On April 8 I received the first items I ordered

The new can motor and its flywheel. Coupling with the topgear of the gearbox is done via a silicone tube. Shims are included. Whole set costs appr $14 (8-9 euro)

The new motor almost seems tiny next to the original can motor

The NWSL bullhead gear and the two included universal couplings

The top gear of the gearbox (brass), the idler (delrin), and six axle gears (this the set for the red 3-tr Shay, the set for the 2-tr Shay contains two axle gears less)

The opened but assembled gearbox.

The Cary detail set. Me o my, what a...

The Westinghouse duplex air pump in


Although I want to polish the gears (to remove burrs) it already runs much better than the original gears. The complete Shay kit cost me about €60 ($100). The motor, bullhead and gearset cost me another €30 ($50). Is it worth it? I think so yes. I went through the painstaking process of deburring when I built the red Shay. All in all it cost me 40 hours to make the mechanism runs smoothly. Time reduction may amount as much as 30 hours!! That's €1 per hour!!


On May 8, exactly one month later I received the item from my second order. Things took so long because Kitbash Depot had to wait for a run to cast the boiler. Kitbash Depot's service was exemplary (txs again Dan)


The straight back date boiler. This...

Straight and tapered boiler in...

Same from the right side