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Pliers and cutters

Pliers and cutters come in various size but it is obvious that your 50 cm pliers in your shed aren't of much use. The set of four cost me € 7,50, so next to nothing. Especially the curved-jaw needle nose pliers (upper right) is my favorite everyday tool. I use it grip tiny parts or bend wire. The side cutter of the set (lower left) is commonly used to cut steel wire. I rarely used the other two so far.

An especially handy tool is this flush cutting side cutter. The side cutters usually slope inwards on both sides. This cutter however has only one sloped side. The outside surface is flush. This allows you to cut off wire protruding from a hole completely flush. This will save you lots of time sanding and filing. Most flush cutters are not suited for steel!! This cutter is not exactly cheap, about €13, so you don't want to mess it up.