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Of course you can not do without drills. Sizes of 0,5 - 0,7 - 1,0 - 1,2 - 1,5 -2,0 - 2,5 -3,0 mm should be part of your toolbox. See to it that you have have any size in stock in sufficient numbers. These drills are very fragile so they usually don't last very long. Especially when you're a novice breakage is fequent.


Do not skimp on drills. Buy quality. Cheapies tend to wear quicker but worse are more prone to breakage. Another vice of cheap drills is that their points are not always 100% centered which makes your drilling inaccurate at least. A friend of mine remarked poignantly:

"We modellers have a habit of buying extremely expensive kits
and at the same time look for the cheapest tools to build them."

Starting initially with a small assortment of drills you will soon find yourself hoarding for any conceivable size

and before long you will have need of a sorting box for small drills in 0.1 mm increments, here from 0.3 tot 1.5 mm

and from 1.6 mm to 2.5 mm

Drill vise

Hand drilling is feasible option. The main advantage of hand drilling is the incredible "feel". It takes a lot of practise and patience thoough. I soon felt the need for a powered drill and a drill stand.

Vises for hand drilling

To hold drills while hand drilling this sort of vises are suitable. The four on the left are from a set in increasing size. The most right one is bought separately and actually the one I work with in most cases. This one has a fine feel and the back end turns freely in the palm of your hand