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Samsung S1050

Early 2008 my Pentax Optio S50, with which I took most of the photo's on this site, was beginning to show its intensive use. I was already on the lookout for a replacement when MediaMarkt offered Samsung S1050 for a bargain of only €133. This was a camera that fulfilled nearly all the needs for a small pocket solution.

  • Options for automatic, program, aperture preset, shutter preset of complete manual ligthing
  • Extreme macro capabilities
  • A somewhat wider zoomrange than the conventional 3x
  • Option to focus manually

In reviews this camera invariably received good scores.

I'm very happy whith this camera. It really does what it promised. Moreover: macro is beyond expectations, getting as close as about 1 cm with full control over aperture and focus. Just great! Image quality is a great improvement in comparison to the Pentax. Don't expect DSLR results but images are really good.

Some examples.

Above is the complete photo, taken from a ditance of only centimeters from the model away. Aperture of 7.4 gives a good depth of field.
Hereunder a cut out of the same photo at 100%