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Olympus OM10

After having spent my first six years in the company of my father's Fujica I was finally able buy my own. By that time my knowledge of photography had increased and of course I wanted my new companion to be a single lense reflex camera. I wanted it to be light weight as it would often travel in my rucksack and the camera of choice in that view was the OM10, one of the lightest SLRs on the market at the time. I bought it for a hefty fl 699. It sported a 1.8 50 mm standard lense which delivered amazing quality. I later added a 80-200mm, a 35-70mm and 28 mm lenses to complete my equipment. As my interest for railways waned after 1980 very few railway pictures were taken with it.

The OM10 suffered from a weak shutter construction. One day on pressing the release button the mirror locked up halfway and got stuck. I had it repaired but it cost me a good deal. This happened again and once more I had it repaired. It served me well in the years that followed. Although technology advanced, the OM10 was so well equipped that it suited my purposes well. When in 1995 the camera's got stuck for a third time I knew it was time to declare it dead.

The well-worn OM10 show its signs of a busy life. Relatively limited in functionality by today's standards this camera offered so much that I used it for fifteen years. It now takes an honourable place in my "old cameras collection"