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Minolta Dynax 505si

After my OM10s decease in 1995 a few years followed where I found little use, time and/or money to allow myself to buy a solid good camera. I made do with a gold coloured zoom compact camera of which I do not even remember the name or brand. In 1999 however I decided it would be a good thing to make decent photos again so I treated myself with this Minolta SLR. Electronics had penetrated the camera world and this camera sported far more options and operating modes than I could have dreamt of in my Olympus days. I liked the camera, it was light and easy to operate, but I never loved it like the OM10. Cameras were no longer a choice for life but had become a commodity. Soon after its purchase it came under threat of the emerging consumer digital cameras. I dogged on with my film Minolta until 2005 when I bought my first digital camera. Although intended as a second camera only this camera soon took the brunt of the photos. Increasingly my Minolta lay still and forlorn gathering dust in a quiet shelf in my room. It was eventually abandoned completely when I bought my Fuji S9500.

I still have it and it still is fully operational. I think it is a waste that this camera can no longer be put to good use.