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Fujica Compact 35

The first camera I ever worked with was my father's. In 1974 my inclination towards railways had become apparent and my father allowed me to use his camera to make an occcasional photo or so. Soon this developed into in more or less full time use of this camera in service of my hobby. It was extremely simple to operate and it served its purpose well. In hindsight I regret not having taken many more photos but being able to afford no more than four or five films per summer holiday it is understandable that at the time I was very reticent in taking pictures. I used this camera from 1974 to 1979. I still have the camera although its light meter does not work properly anymore.

The New Fujica Compact 35 was produced from 1967 and has a selenium light meter that provides it own power. The camera is purely mechanical and has no batteries.


Even the original approval stickers are still on the camera


This one of the first shots I made with the Fujica. A BLS Te2/3 shunting at Hohtenn station in Valais, Switzerland