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Book reviews

The Book of the LM Garratts

Cover picture
Author Ian Sixsmith
ISBN 978-1-903266-83-0
Publisher Irwell Press
Price £19.95
Date October 26, 2008
Seller Ian Allen Publishing
# Pages 108
Size 21,7 x 30,5 cm

The book consists two sections only.
The first section is a brief introduction to the type, which is not very profound and implicitly referring to other publications about these Garratts. It certainly does not give a full or exhaustive account of the the design, building process and operation and subsequent disposal of the type.
The introduction is followed by a section of records and photo's per locomotive. Again not very much in depth but since every single machine is presented in the book, which by the size of the second section is effectively a photo book rather than a very descriptive book, is of high interest to modelers who might want to see the individual differences between the engines.
The price of the book is reasonable. For lovers and builders of this type a must have.