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Die Dampflokomotive

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Author Autorenkollektiv
ISBN none
Publisher Transpress VEB Verlag für Verkehrswesen, Berlin, Germany
Published in 1965
Language German
RRP 28 Ostmark (1965)
Price paid € 30,--
Date 19-01-2008
Seller Bought on a fair
# Pages 916 +48 suppl
Size 15,3 x 22 cm
State Fair, some wear and tear, all pages in good but yellow condition. First chapters contain handwritten notes and comments.


If you are eager to know how steam locomotives work and have mastered German this is the one book to have. It describes in depth to how's and why's of the steam locomotive. It show in clear calculation how the various parts are dimensioned. It describes the various solutions to problems and the differences between them. On the fly mentions operational rules and guidelines for locomotive staff, giving a good insight in the complexity of running a steam engine.

Original copies are becoming increasingly rare. Recently a reprint has been issued by Transpress (ISBN 978-3-344-70791-0)