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SBB Ae 3/6

First repair

Other projects had taught me that a simple straight forward approach as a first try is always good. Keep things ASAP, as simple as possible. It may very well prove to provide an adequate solution.

My experience in painting had shown that paints are often soluble in thinner. So I tried to wash the afflicted areas with an ear bud and with success. The Märklin loco proved to have the ideal combination: the paint dissolved in the thinner and the underlying plastic did not.
I also touched the cracks and let the thinner flow in by the capillary action. It was nice to see the paint loose its shape and settle down back on the side of the loco. The cracks simply closed and almost invisibly melted away.
The heavily afflicted door after this treatment. The cracks themselves have almost vanished. The paint had reattached. Unfortunately the paint is left with a rough surface so spraying the loco with a new coat in some places will be inevitable.