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SBB Ae 3/6


I am definitely a lover of steam locomotives. But the next best to steam are early rod driven electric locomotives, often dating from very much the same period.


Though I more or less incidentally collected the three rod driven electric locomotives of the Rhaetian Railway, I never gave collecting other Swiss rod driven locomotives a thought. Nevertheless this Ae3/6 even made it to my site's Project Pages. How come? Well I stumbled over a Märklin Ae 3/6 on the 2013 Eurospoor modelling trade show. It was in a scrap box for something like €40, crying "save me, save me". The paint was chipping off. Technically its was in good order, complete with all user installed parts and with its original box and documentation. A son of my friend, a dearly addicted Märklin fan, would be having his birthday in two month's time. I overconfidently thought I could fix it with a minimum of effort. Well, things turned out a bit more difficult...