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NS 8600 class

NS 8600


In 2013 I bought this Dutch locomotive model as a relatively simple kit for starters in the hobby from Dido Railways. The kit is mainly resin based with some parts in brass. It is to fit on the chassis of a Fleischmann T3 which I duly acquired for the incredible sum of €25.

No 8605, recently renumbered, so around 1920 in Amsterdam.
151422 from the Utrechts Archief

Current status

9 April 2018

The loco has been completed.

28 March 2018

Painting and lining done

24 March 2018

Construction and detailing has been completed. Painting is well underway.

4 March 2018

The loco is taking shape quickly considering I commenced work only two weeks ago (and having a full time professional job and a volunteers job beside it). Time was available as well as parts to replace to the originally supplied parts which I did not always like, so I got on pretty well.

23 February 2018

De wesite has been updated (including a section in Dutch), the photos have been collected, the workbench is empty. Let the building begin.


I have already acquired all necessary parts but the it is all just awaiting execution.

The kit itself

The donor loco