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NS 8600 class

NS 8600 - Inventory

I bought the kit at the Houten trade show on November 9, 2013 for only €97,50. I had already acquired the Fleischmann donor locomotive BR98 out of a scrap box for just €25 at the Eurospoor exhibition in October. Although Dido's kit in itself as a well designed and equally well cast kit I found enough urge to replace some of the supplied detail parts for those available from Philotrain. I aim to complete this model under €200.

Expensive? Well, not for a Dutch model.

Once at home I couldn't wait to unpack the box...

The kit comes in a simple but sturdy box


Once the the filler material is removed, this remains


Resin castings of all sorts


The boiler with an odd casting sprue
Both cylinders
Smoke box
Cab roof
Cab, coal bunker and water tanks in one casting
Whistle, safety valve, air pump, bell and ?
Buffers, various pipes and head lamp

The same, but here one buffer is damaged.

No doubt Dido would provide a replacement but I am going to replace it anyway with Philotrain sprung buffers

Excellent etched number plates for all members of the class
Window glazing and coupler hooks. The screw is for comparison.
Detail etch work, handrails, levers and cylinder covers. Most of the handrail will be replced because they should be round.


The running board twice. The two would be sandwiched together


In all a well cared for kit with a good price. Dido found a nice niche in the market: the cheap kit. Many potential novice self-builders are deterred by the cost and complexity of the available kits. This type of kit is kind to the wallet and less complex than the DJH and does not involve a lot of soldering either. Thsi way the beginner kit builder can be persuaded to have a go at it!.Well done, Dido.