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NS 7000 class


In May 2008 I set out to complete the NS 7005. This page shows in brief the completion of the boiler. Working on it was parallelled with work on the frame assembly and the superstructure. I'm currently updating all three pages as work progresses.

In 2007 I had made my last attempt to complete the loco. I had painted almost everything when I dropped the box with the loco. It send the parts sprawling and wreaked havoc among the painted parts. I had no choice but to remove it all and start all over again.

This is how the boiler looked after the third try.

The "crown"on the stack is real copper. I'll have written an article in Dutch about how did it. When I find time I'll translate it English.


This is how the boiler looks like after all piping and handrails have been fitted. Dome, bell and safety valve still fail

Here are they, awaiting assembly but that can only be done after the boiler has been finished with a semi dull coat.

The brass parts have been polished and finished with a gloss coat to conserve their shiny apperance over time. This is more or less prototypical because until WWII the crews took great pride in keeping the engines and especially the brass parts tip top.


How to polish these parts is also described in an article in Dutch.
English readers may want to read the English translation