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NS 7000 class

Resources for kit building

I have written the story of my NS 7000 is quite a bit of detail with the beginning kitbuilder in mind. But there is much more to know and see. On this page I list a few resources you might want to consider to extend your knowledge.


Note: these are links that were checked as valid in 2021. The internet is a volatile medium so resources may have disappeared since then.

Recommended reading

There nothing like having warm cuppa in your hands with a good book on the caouch on a cold winter's evening.


There are many publications in the market, much than I have read. I restricted this list by three criteria:

It is related to locomotives or rolling stock building. There many other niches in the modelling worls but modelling locomotives has its own demands. Nothing can stop you to visit neighbouring hobbies. The warcraft scene for instance is lightyears aheiad of railway modelling when it comes to weathering.

I read the book myself

I found it useful for a beginner


Admittedly Ian Rathbone's book is on the edge or over but I enjoyed it so much that I made an exception.


Some sources are inevitably in Dutch, although when it comes to books there is little in the way of the Wild Swan Publications range in the Dutch speaking realm.

Title Authors Issued ISBN-13

Locomotive modelling from scratch and etched kits

A personal Approach Part one

Geoff Holt 2013 978-19-08763-01-3

Locomotive modelling from scratch and etched kits

A personal Approach Part two

Geoff Holt 2013 978-19-08763-05-1
A modellers's handbook of painting and lining Ian Rathbone 2008 978-19-05184-54-5
Etched loco construction Iain Rice 1990 978-09-06867-86-0
Locomotive kit chassis construction in 4mm Iain Rice 1993 978-18-74103-10-3

Whitemetal locos, A kitbuilder's guide

Iain Rice 1989 978-09-06867-77-8

Recommended videos

Again I am not aware of any noteable Dutch sources on the subject of locomotive building form kit. So again many Anglophone sources.

Titel By Remarks

Let's build DJH LNER A1 Pacific

Loco Builder A four part video instruction on building a DJH with basically similar challenges.

Building BR 2-6-2 Prairie Tank

Tony Wright A five hours instruction video which covers more or less everything you need to know
Airbrushing Kit Built Locomotives - How To Loco Builder  
How to Apply Decals and Transfers Loco Builder  
Airbrush voor modelbouw (11 delen!) Tips&Tricks Modelbouw In Dutch

Recommended internet sites

Aside from from the three cirteria I mentioned above, I also wanted sites to be accessible without charge.

Titel Remarks


The Forum site of the British Railway Modeller. Registration free but mandatory. Subscription to the magazine is not required. Various fora and a good deal of kit and scratch building.

Dutch forum. Registration mandatory. Free but an occasional donation for the support of the site is much apprcciated.
Handgemaakte Nederlandse Modeltreinen

Facebook group. Registration to Facebook mandatory as well to the group. But this is the place to for modelling Dutch locos.

Beeldbank Het Utrechts Archief Image archive of the Utrecht Archive. Contains al images of the Dutch Railways until about 1980. No registration needed. Use of photo depending on copyright status.
NVBS Society site of "Dutch interested persons in Dutch rail and tramway institutions". (NVBS is in Dutch just as an inpronounceable mouthful as in English). Offers an excellent archive of image and footage material. No registration needed. Use of photo only on permission.