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NS 7000 class

Final asembly

You have effectively four main components after painting: the boiler, the remainder of the superstructure, chassis and chassis bottom plate. So there is nothing in the way of a big assembly process. But there is a whole host of small parts to be installed that have been left off until after painting: handrails, tubes, bell, whistle, safety valve etc.

The boiler with its "bling" tubes.

Then it is time for the bells and whistles.

Before mounting the brass parts I sprayed the them with a very thin high-gloss clear coat to prevent the brass parts from getting dull. And indeed, over twelve years later they still look like they have been polished yesterday.

A little bit of the gentlest scraping brings the small brass rims on the headlamps to life.

All the jewelery has been installed.

Window making with Micro Kristal Klear.

No worries, it will dry ...errrrrm...clear.

Almost, almost done

It is done!

12 July 2008, after almost four years in the making I completed my first kit. I did not complete it before Shay, so it may be my first kit, but it is second one I completed.

Well, I learned a lot. I needed it because the next project would anything but a beginner's project: Backwoods Miniatures NGG16 Garratt in OO9.