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NS 7000 class

Painting continued

It took a long time before I picked up the loco again. There I was with once again a loco returned to bare metal.
It was by this time I discovered gluing with CA had not been a very bright idea. Since I had finished construction the main body parts had been dunked frequently in cellulose thinner to remove failed paint layers. This made the CA brittle and now the small parts developed the habit of falling off like leaves in the autumn. Time and again I had to make small repairs. As I did not want to risk another paint layer, I wriggled them all loose and refitted them with fresh CA.

This is how the boiler looked after the many tries.

The inside of the drivers cab has been painted black already

Next a layer of green will be applied to the water tanks and drivers cab

In May 2008 I set out to complete this model.

Immediately after the green paint

Red buffer beams for the first time. Boiler and superstructure put together to get a glimpse of the final result.

Detail painting of the lamps has been started


I described applying water slide transfers (decals for US English speakers) in detail while building my Shay so I refer to that particular page if you might want read about it in detail.

For the boiler of my NS 7000 I used Microscale decals no 91112, Striping 2" wide black (link checked 2021).

Lining the boiler is a simple but accurate job. Even the slightest deviation from the straight will immediately be apparent. So keep correcting by wetting the transfers again and moving them until you are completly satisfied. No compromise here.

For the loco number I used transfers from Philotrain

I made no photos of the lining of the tanks and bunker. As the loco showed several bends in the lining I decided to make the transfers myself. I printed them with my inkjet printer on a clear sheet of water slide transfer and sealed the transfers with a clear coat layer . After a few attemtps the loco also had decent lining on the tanks and the bunker.

The design for the lining.