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NS 7000 class


After at least three attempts at painting the loco and starting over I had progressed to the stage where I had sprayed the loco in two colours. After spraying a fresh black coat and virtually completing the paint work I wanted to take the loco out of the shed into the house and in a moment of inattention it slid off the box it was sitting on and hurtled to the concrete shed floor. I was stunned.
The loco had hit the floor with rear. Most parts there were damaged. One buffer and the coupling had broken off.
The frame bottom was a mess.
Perhaps the most serious damage was to the left hand motion gear, bent and distorted.
Only minor damage to the sides and the front and the boiler.


I gave priority to repairing the motion. If that proved to be repairable the loco could be saved, if not ist was scrap. It turned out that all parts could be repaired or replaced.

After some careful bending the motion bracket was back to its original form.

Testing revealed no permanent damage had been done. I could continue building...

Put back together. Unfortunately the paint has to come off again.....