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NS 7000 class

Gallery unpainted

These photos were take halfway the build. The locomotive is loosely assembled.

I soldered the handrail knobs to the rails and because every distance between two holes in the loco body was slightly different I stuck them to a piece of cardboard with cellotape and numbered them according to their position. For the the photo I apparently did not want to disturb this, in hindsight somewhat over-meticulous, storage. Hence the absence of the handrails.

It can clearly be seen that the photos were taken on two separate occasions. The eagle-eyed amongst you will also conclude that these photos were taken in the first half of the build. How can you see this? Take a close look, the answer to the question is at the bottom of the page.

The photos give a good impression of how the completed but yet unpainted model looks like.

These photos were taken in the first half of the build. The tell tale sign is the presence of white metal safety valve and the headlamps that were later replaced by brass cast parts from Philotrain.