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NS 6200 class

Inventory of the kit

In January 2010 I bought an etch set of the brand Philotrain, a Dutch manufacturer. The kit was an "etch only" set. Cast parts must be bought separately. A list of parts to be ordered was included. The etches cost me less than € 50, which I found a fair price.

A full overview of all included parts.

What occurred to me is that the boiler was not included. I inquired about that.

It turned out the boiler is included as a straight sheet (the most upper right) so I am in for a boiler rolling job. Oh dear...

Six weeks later I bought a second hand Roco BR 93 at a real bargain price. It had obviously done some labour and had at some point suffered a fall . But the mechanism ran smoothly and as it was a donor engine, so I couldn't care less about the damage to the superstructure. New it would have cost me some €175. Now the price sank to €60!!

Roco's BR93

I wanted, and got, the "Professionell" version with blackened tires and drive and valve gear. Another less visible difference is the construction of the frame. In older versions the frame swung around a pivot just ahead of the first driving axle. In the Profesionell version, which I bought, all driving wheels are housed in a rigid frame with some sideplay in the second and third driving axle.


Some signs of the damage: running board bent inwards

Attachments to the dome broken and faulty repaired

Running board dented

Handrails bent

You may want to take a look at the exploded views included in the kit
Next thing was to inform about the parts to be purchased