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NS class 6000

Inventory of the kit

The manual of DJH is pretty good. Not very detailed but certainly better than teh few diagrams you got in the older kits.

I have revised this manual to suit my needs. The original manual as supplied by DJH is written in one continuous stream of text, page after page with drawings on other pages than the text. Constantly loosing track of where I left off in this text soup soon drove me crazy when building another kit. I scanned the document and converted it to an editable-format with OCR. I read instruction for instruction how the kit was to be built.


  • I gave every instruction a new line and numbered the instructions. This way I can easily keep track of my progress.
  • I marked those instructions red which could easily lead to errors like instructions that told in reverse: "Before mounting part xx drill two holes". Guess what happens to me…
  • I put the applicable diagram on top of every single page so that the diagram was always in view without having to leaf through the manual.
  • I did not alter DJH's text unless I saw it absolutely necessary (obvious error's).
  • I did not take into account the painting of the model. general you may want to paint the undercarriage of the loco after all construction has been done but before final mounting of the wheels and the motion gear. You may also want to leave some of the piping and brass off the superstructure until after painting. You will find the details of that on these project pages.

I have converted the result into PDF