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NS class 6000

Inventory of the kit

The kit comes in the familiar DJH box. Sturdy and well packed.

The boiler is as always the most recognisable part, although I must say if you have done a few kits it is remarkable how quickly you recognize parts and details.

Running board

Etches, mainly motion gear related parts and frame.

The other side of the same bag.

Very fine number plates, two numbers available.

and French designations but no number plates

Gear box

Top: a Duth and a French chimney, a Dutch and a French smokebox door, cab roof
Bottom: dome and safety valve cover, errrm white metal thingy, coal bunker top

Top: bogie, various small parts and left cab / bunker side
Bottom: bogie, sanding gear, air pumps, right cab / bunker side

Axles, bearings, wheels, motor and flywheel.

Mainly cab sides and details parts

Cast brass detail parts, lamps, valves etc.

The customary utterly useless bag of wire.