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NS class 6000

Introduction - class 6000

DJH's kit of the Dutch 6000 class was on my to buy list for a long time. I simply awaited a suitable opportunity to buy. On 2017 edition of Eurospoor I saw one and tried to negotiate a "can't leave it" price but the trader refused to cooperate. He claimed that DJH would soon cease production of this kit and that it would become scarce. In September 2018 a friend of mine signalled that DJH actually announced cessation of the kit and one last production run, offering it with a -30% sale price. I reacted quickly and bought the kit. The rest is history.

NS 6018 (the ex-ss1218 number in white and stroke through) at an unidentified location in 1920/1921 (Photo image collection NVBS no HLNK-0803)

Status of the project

14 October 2018

The kit resides safely in my stock pile until I get round to it. That won't be any time soon considering the pile being sizeable and my building rate low.