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NS class 5000

Inventory of the kit

I always make a complete inventory of the kit, first to see if I miss parts, or for later when I miss a part in hindsight I can check if it was there at the start of the project or not. And of course just for the fun of letting all those bags go through my hands...

The probably most recognisable part of the kit: the boiler

The running board / footplate

The frame plates

Driving wheels and axles

The wheels have 16.0 mm diameter. This should be 1,425 / 87 = 16.5 mm. I can bet they were held a tad smaller to allow for the generous flanges which where suctomary before the rise of RP25 of finescale. I must consider exchanging them for larger wheels with smaller flanges.


Motion gear


Tender parts, from top to bottom: coal shute, side frames (2) and bottom.

<== Tender wheels

Tender sides and brake gear

Other tender sheets

Cylinders (top left), tender front (top right), smokebox door  and firebox backhead (bottom right)

Frame spacers (top left) and axle bearings (also top left), motor and crank pins (right)

Wash plugs, errrrm, and air hoses.

Some parts were obviously after-serviced

Lots of goodies  (I see head lamps, cylinder covers)

Wheel spokes, supplied as separate covers on normally spoked wheel but in reality the spokes were integrally cast, buffers en handrail knobs.

And the traditional utterly useless bag of brass wire.

Useless because every sensible builder has an ample supply of most sizes and because this lot is not straight. Okay, it can be made to be so, but why bother?