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Flat cars

Flat cars Dutch Railways

It was in 2002 that I visited a railroad modeling fair in 's Hertogenbosch. It was almost 25 years after I had last spent some serious time on my railroad hobby, apart from an occasional visit to a local railway station on holidays. Among things that appealed to me were the brass kits. In 2003 I bought a kit from MK Modelbouwstudio which was advertised as a beginners kit. This was an inexpensive kit of two flat cars with which I wanted to (re)learn all the basic skills needed to build locomotive kits and eventually to start scratch building. It was my first step (back) on the road of modeling.

I didn't make photos of the building process. I didn't have a suitable camera at the time and actually I didn't bother very much to document what I did. So I can only show you one photo before painting and the end result.

More or less parallel to building this kit I also started building the NS 7005 from DJH Model Loco. Every time I needed to learn a new technique I first went a stage ahead on the flat cars. Especially during painting this proved useful. I made almost all my starters blunders in the flat cars and not on my more expensive loco. Yet I'm still quite content with the end result. Although cars do not belong to my collection I did learn a lot from them. I do advise strongly, if you're a beginner in kit building, start here!