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The NGG16 is a long living love of mine. Admittedly the LTM 51 is my ultimate Garratt I want to build, the NGG16 follows suit. Not big in absolute terms the NGG16 is the ultimate proof of how much power and beauty you can stuff in a steam loco.

No 87 shunting in Caernarfon, June 2009

I simply fell in love with these little giants. I followed developments when a whole lot where brought to Europe, Wales en England to be precise. When completion of the NS7005 dawned, I wanted the NGG16 to be my next model.

I got a Backwoods Miniatures kit for my fiftieth anniversary from my wife. It is my very first Garratt. That many may follow.

Finished model, Sep 23, 2011, exactly three years to the date after I got the kit

Status as of, Feb 2, 2011

Status as of May 16, 2010

Status as of April 20, 2010

Status as of February 7, 2010

Status as of Dec 28, 2009

Status as of Dec 1, 2009

Status as of May 25, 2009


Wanna see it alive?

No 87 in its grey livery in 2009

No video? Try this one

Some resources on the web about the NGG16