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Chapter 9 Detailing (3)

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May 2010

Things are slowly drawing to an end.

Washout plugs

  With the various parts I ordered in March were washout plugs. In the prototype they are conspicuously present, yet none were included in the kit.

A photo taken on the Aberglaslyn pass of No 87 shows the brass washout plugs clearly.

I decided to model the most obvious

The washout plugs are turnings. Very nice and accurate. They have round heads though instead of square ones. Ok, I'll accept that as a compromise
Holes marked for drilling.

Accurate drilling is paramount because the flanges of the washout plug mount are extremely thin.
Before drilling the boiler I made a trial piece on scrap brass. The first hole (right) was too tight. There is practically no reaming to it: the boiler is to narrow for a reamer to reach in. So a go in on is the solution. 1.2 mm proved best. I also learned by this trial that very lightly tapering the hole is very beneficial for the "sitting" of the plug

Final result. The end result will be quite obvious once the boiler has been painted.
I left out some plugs. Two were on almost invisible places, one on a place I already made inacessible, two on the edge of the fire box, the latter being almost impossible to install neatly. Of seventeen plus I modeled twelve (that's for the rivet counters amongst us :-o )

Installing remaining (boiler) gear

Well, at last time has come to make the final installations and finish the detailing stage
Valves (before cleaning ;-)
Dome and generator.
The generator was bought new to replace the white metal one supplied with the kit
Lever for the ashpan.The connecting rod will be atttach only after painting, when the boiler assy and the cradle are permanently mated.
The boiler also carries some pipe bundles...

...which are simulated as well. The trick is ti make each consecutive bend a little wider. Each of de wire is left a little longer so I can see easily which is the inside and which is the outside wire.

After bending a small touch of the soldering iron makes it all complete. Bending is a delicate process, risking breaking up the lot. But some trials it worked.

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